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在University of Pittsburgh匹兹堡大学就读是怎样一番领会,【携尔留学】给咱们翻译收拾了匹兹堡大学的留学领会,以供参阅。

1.Acad丰田凯美瑞,【大学介绍】在匹兹堡大学就读是怎样一番领会,晋朝emics: I love my school and I love my program. The business school is really great and prepares you well for your future. It's my second semester and I am already involved in so many different activities that I love and I have an internship in the city. The workload can be a bit heavy, but I wouldn't expect anything less. I would be scared if classes were incredibly easy, then my tuition would be going to nothing. The business, engineering, science, and law facilities are gorgeous (that's where all the money comes from). I just hate that I have to take a philosophy class, but we all have to be "well rounded".


2.Academics: In my experience with the English, political science 丰田凯美瑞,【大学介绍】在匹兹堡大学就读是怎样一番领会,晋朝and history departments the professors are engaging, knowl大晴天旅行网edgeable and deeply concerned for their student's development and welfare. Classes can be somewhat unchallenging but if you know which professors to take that's an easy fix. Overall the actual learning that goes on is pretty good.


3.Academics: A lot of majors are offered, and each department has the full spectrum of faculty - poor professors and great professors. It's unavoidable to get bad professors on occasion. Overall, Pitt has a wide range of academic majors offered and excels in certain areas of each.


4.Academics: Academics are taken very seriously at the University of Pittsburgh, especially in the field of eng丰田凯美瑞,【大学介绍】在匹兹堡大学就读是怎样一番领会,晋朝ineering. It is because of this that the university is held to such a high standard and maintains a respected reputation.


5.Majors: The chemistry program here is one of the be崔稻妻st. There are tons of visiting lectures to attend, and the faculty are some of the biggest names in research right now. There is an office dedicated to helping find internships, and Pitt is partnered with companies like Bayer and Valspar which are continually growing and in need of chemists.

专业:这儿的化学专业是十分好的。有许多的客座讲演能够去听,有些教师可都是当今研讨范畴鼎鼎有名的人物。学校有一个专门帮学生找实习作业的办公室,匹兹堡大学和许多公司都建立了协作伙伴关系,比方Bayer 和 Valspar,这些公司还在开展壮大中,它们都需求化学方面的人才。

6.Majors: Getting into Pitt is really very easy. As an international student, I found it one of my easiest application process. For admission, all you really need is a good essay and okay SAT and high school grades. They are very understandable and helpful. The admission process is really very easy. Pitt also has a very great pre-med program and as such all pre-med students have help and guidance from professionals.


7.Majors: I think孙乐弟 the business school is amazing. They really teach you how to put yourself out there and make your "brand&mird075quot;. It's really helped me come out of my shell and become more of myself.


8.Diversity: There is such variation in ethnicity at the University of Pittsburgh that it is almost impossible to differentiate between a "majority" or a "minority." At the university, everyone is welcome and is treated with fairness and respect.


9.Diversity: Being a public, urban school, Pitt has lots of diversity both on and off campus. Not only is the school incredibly diverse in its student body, but the黑道圣皇 surrounding neighborhoods and areas are also very diverse. I have met people from all around the world with many different cultures and opinions.


10.Diversity: I have never noticed anyone being treated differently because of their social status, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Studen丰田凯美瑞,【大学介绍】在匹兹堡大学就读是怎样一番领会,晋朝ts are a lot more accepting in college than they were in high school. That's not to say bad things don't happen; I do know a blind girl who was harassed by a group of guys, but I hope that that is not the norm.


11.Athletics: I know we may not have the best sports team. It's still a great experience to be apart of a school that gets excited about sports. I went to a school preciously that had little to no schoo飞笛智投l spirit, so this is a massive improvement. Football is fun and cheap, so is basketball. It's also fun to go to less popular sporting events like gymnastics and they're free for students.


12.Athletics: Pitt football as well as basketball games are so much fun! Football is a nice during the fall season. Basketball games are something beyond what you can imagine. The cheering section is passionate about the team and they work hard to make sure there is enough energy in the section.


13.Campus Food: The dining halls are pretty good and give a variety at times. The best places are where you use dining dollars. The Union, the Pete, and Cathedral Cafe have the best food on campus and are incredible.

学校饮食:餐厅很不错,时不时也有许多种不同的食物供给。最好的当地是那些能够用钱买饭的当地。The Union, the Pete, 以及Cathedral Cafe 供给着学校内最好的食物,令人形象深入。

14.Campus Food: At first, the food seems very great. Market has seemingly unlimited selection of pizza, burgers, etc. However like most college campuses, the food gets very repetitive. No one wants to eat the same thing everyday, and Pitt does not have the best variety.


15.Campus Housing: The cost of Pitt is very overwhelming, yet you receive such a great experience from it. You are provided with the best professors who care about your education. The vast amount of clubs and opportunities to get involved in the community make sure that you leave college a well-rounded person. The people you meet in the city are amazing and friendly. It is overall an amazing campus with an amazing education.


16.Campus Housing: Living on campus is very convenient to all other academic buildings as well as the shops on both Forbes and Fifth. I loved living on campus so much for freshman year that I decided to live on campus again my sophomore year. It's great because you're also so close to everyone else, no matter where they are living on campus too.


17.Health & Safety: The campus police force is huge and integrated with city police. The healt义犬荷贝h services office is centrally located and offers emergency service through UPMC. It even includes an on campus pharmacy where you can pick up discounted preions and other drug store products, all located in the first floor of a dormitory.


18.Health & Safety: Because our campus is in Oakland, there is a lot of crime. However, the university takes several precautions to ensure personal safety of all of the students. There are emergency kiosks every 30 feet, in which if approached, will call the university police. Our police do a nice job of ensuring the safety of the students. My only complaint is that the commuter parking lots are far away from lower campus. I have to walk near the more unsafe area of the campus in order to get to my car to go home at night.


19.Guys & Girls: If you love white boys, you hit the jackpot. The school is probably 86% white and half of them are guys, and I'd say they'rcunnye pretty good looking. The girls are pretty too. Also the students here have money and it's common for at化工易贸网tractive people to have money, you know what I mean.


20.Administration: The administration does a fine job at keeping students safe. They will not hesitate to keep students safe in the case of hard drugs and other dangerous items. That being said, they do no丰田凯美瑞,【大学介绍】在匹兹堡大学就读是怎样一番领会,晋朝t actively go hunt丰田凯美瑞,【大学介绍】在匹兹堡大学就读是怎样一番领会,晋朝ing for drug use or underage drinking. They do have a program where if someone underage has had too much and someone calls campus police for help 铁血之最强兵神何天龙they will not get in trouble. They are more concerned about safety than punishments.


21.Administration: The administration doesn't seem, to me, very unfair. Academically, they are a lot of help and are willing to work hard to help a student. Socially, I do not know, for I am not involved in the party/drinking scene. Overall I think the administration is good.


22.Transport寝取训练所ation: One of the best things about Pitt is that you get free rides on any Port Authority bus, the campus shuttle to upper campus, even the T, all completely for free. So maybe it's not exactly campus transportation, but when you have access to the entire city of Pittsburgh, who needs just a campus shuttle?


23.Transportation: Free bus fare is amazing. Port Authority buses will get you to anywhere you'd want to go around the whole Pittsburgh area. Campus buses are always very convenient... Safe-Rider is always pretty helpful, never used it myself though.


24.Local Area: Pittsburgh z46配备is one of the most exciting cities to live in currently and is on the rise. Pittsburgh is the third most college friendly town in the U.S. I am very happy to be a part of such an up and coming city.


25.Local Area: Pittsburgh isn't NY or LA, but I love it and I live in LA. It's a nice city with lots of stuff to do and places to go, you just have to venture away from the campus bubble once in a while. k968次列车时刻表It's a great place to have your college experience.